Atlanta Driveway Specialists

In many situations, a new driveway can make a big difference in your property value. Over time, many concrete driveways start to show some aging. It can become unattractive and reach a stage that is beyond cleaning. Often, older driveways develop cracks that not only look unattractive, they can create a safety hazard.

Before and after DW pic

A2 CarvedNStone are driveway specialists. We remove the old, damaged driveway and create a driveway that compliments and beautifies your property.

Before DW PicAfter DW Pic
In the sample images below, look at how using the right color and stamp created an apron for the driveway that really accented the home and warmed up the entrance. We created both utility and beauty without sacrificing on either.

Brick stamp DW


In addition, look at the number of control joints we used. By adding these joints, we reduce the size of sections of the poured concrete driveway that reduces the overall stress placed on any individual section. This helps to disburse any weight on the driveway, and over time, will help to minimize the chance of cracking. Or, if cracking and damage does occur somewhere down the line, our approach makes it possible to replace a smaller section rather than recreating the entire driveway.

Control joint with rv

DW Control joint

From the simple to the ornate, we can give you many options to consider for driveway replacement. We can also fix or patch a smaller section of your driveway to help you get more use out of what is there for a longer period of time.
Just tell us what you need.