A patio can add more to your exterior living space. Warm it up, be creative. With the right colors and the right texture, your patio will be inviting and beautiful. Or, maybe you are looking for a patio that is simple. Efficient. Plain, strong and solid.


Reg Patio

A2 Carved n Stone can give you a patio that is ready for whatever you need.


Stamp patio with steps

Stamp patio with chimney
Whatever the shape, color or feel is right for your vision, trust the experts of A2 Carved n Stone…we’re ready to make the most out of your living spaces.

Stamp Patio

Brick stamp patio

We invite you to find out just how beautiful the weather in the Metro Atlanta area can be. With a patio from A2 Carved n Stone, it will be tough to go back inside.
Contact us today, and we’ll get you back into the great outdoors.


KP PatioStamp patio with wood stairs

Small brick stamp patio