We are very proud of the work we have completed in the many years spent serving the people of Atlanta. Many of our customers are equally pleased, and they have written wonderful testimonials to tell us about it.

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They  were great. They stayed within budget and did a beautiful product. My driveway and the street turned out great. They were also the only company that could do all three things I needed. I had a gravel driveway that needed gravel and grading. I needed pressure washing, sealing up around my house, and then I needed a new driveway apron at the street. They were the only ones I spoke to that could handle all three of those things. I have a massive house, so this was a pretty massive job. They colored and stamped the concrete, and we made it larger. They worked with me to get it exactly to where I wanted it to be. It needed to be longer on either side, bigger wings on either side. We had to elevate it some more for drainage and they were really good about working with me on all of that. It wasn’t a plain ole concrete job, it was concrete. I’d give them an A+ overall. They were great. They were real careful too. I had gate wires and up lighting and sprinkler wires that all had to be worked around. They were real good about being careful around all of that. I would use them again for sure.


Driveway, Grading and more, Homeowner, Cobb County

They’ve done several jobs for me, and I had a great experience with them. They were fantastic. They’ve built a driveway, a walkway, and a patio for me. I’ve actually had them back four times—that’s how good of a job they’ve done. I like the quality of the work, and that they clean up afterward. I didn’t have to worry about it. It was just done right. I’ve used them for five years, and I’ve never had to call them back because something went wrong. The customer service has been great. I’ve had no problems. They’re an A+.


Multiple Jobs, Homeowner, Alpharetta

I liked the quality of the work, efficiency of the crew, and the attentiveness of the foreman. Basically the job, start to finish and everything in between, just went flawlessly. They were the only company that I liked when I had them come out and give me an estimate, so that’s why I chose them. They poured a new driveway and removed the old driveway for me. I’ve been recommending these guys since they did the job for me. I’d definitely give them an A.


Driveway Replacement, Homeowner, Paulding County

Everything was great. Carved N Stone did good. I’m very happy with the work they did. There was a little problem with scheduling but that was not really anything they could have prevented. But the work was great; they did an excellent job. Actually I had called several companies to get a quote and nobody responded. I left messages and actually physically talked to a couple of guys and they never called me back. I found Carved N Stone, called the gentleman and he immediately called me back, within 20 minutes. I saw some of their designs and stuff that they had done so I had them come out and give me a quote. They actually extended the existing patio that was there. They poured a continuation of the patio. It had a cover and was designed exactly where I wanted it and how I wanted it. I would give them an A because like I said: the scheduling was not really anything they had control over. A lot of it had to do with weather. I would say it was a definite A. They’re very professional and they respond in a timely manner. The workers were very polite. They did a great job overall for everything.


Patio Extension, Homeowner, Cumming

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Elite Service Award Winner

They did work for me this Fall. They did a great job. They did stamped concrete on my back patio. It looks beautiful. They did it quickly, they were neat, and they were meticulous. They were great. I’m picky. I had concrete in place, and it was cracked. One of the things I liked about them was they gave me several options. At first, I was asking for slate tile, and he said, ‘We could, very well, do that for you, but at something being half the cost of stamped concrete.’ They completely took out my old concrete, put new concrete in, and then stamped it, and it looks like slate tile. He saved me money. He, very well, could have said, ‘Oh sure, we can do that.’, and charged me the highest price, but he was just very efficient to give me the other options. I liked that. In fact, I’ve got a house that I bought in South Carolina, and I’m going to get them to do that concrete patio now. I would give them an A+.


Patio Replacement - Decorative Restyling, Homeowner, Roswell

The first thing I liked was the price. I had a lot of people come give me estimates, and they were definitely the lowest estimate. The salesperson came out, and he was really, really knowledgeable about the cement and about what needed to be done. He put seams in it that weren’t there originally. He explained to me, ‘Cement is going to crack, so you want to put the seam in place so it will crack inside the seam, and you won’t see the hideous crack.’ I took a ride around the neighborhood, and he was correct—there should have been a seam down the middle of the driveways in our area. He put seams in the corners because that’s where it always cracks, which the original contractor clearly didn’t do. When the crew came out, he was there, and he made sure that everything was communicated. That was good because a lot of times, crews come out and just do whatever. It was like clockwork. It was really neat to watch how quickly he got it done. I would grade them as an A.


Driveway Replacement, Homeowner, Marietta

They did a good job. The big thing is the driveway got laid on time and they did a great job. I’m very happy with it. They deserve an A. I’m getting ready to use them again, so I would definitely recommend them.


Driveway Replacement, Homeowner, Roswell

They did a good job. They did exactly what we wanted them to do, the price was good, and the people were friendly. They poured a sidewalk for us. I’d give them an A overall.


Sidewalk, Homeowner, Marietta

I still get compliments. They’re very professional. I had some last minute changes I needed to do and they were accommodating and able to fit it in. Overall, I would give them an A+ rating—the highest rating. Their quality of work is excellent. I would recommend them.


Slab, Homeowner, Acworth

We liked the owner. He was very knowledgeable about what we needed to do. They were very good at laying out the driveway and the dirt work that needed to be done because of the way the driveway drains. They did a good job with that. They also did a good job with slicing the concrete for the sidewalk. We were overall pleased with them.


Driveway and Drainage, Homeowner, Dunwoody

They did a patio and a concrete pad. It went well. They showed up on time and finished on time, and everything is good. I would give them a solid A.


Patio and Concrete Pad, Homeowner, John's Creek

We wanted to have our driveway widened and extended, so A2 Carved-N-Stone did a concrete pour. He was quick and timely. Initially, he left some wood and things lying around, but they came back two days later and cleaned it up without me having to say anything—I liked that. There are no cracks; it looks good. We looked through Best Pick Reports and found them there. I would definitely give them an A.


Driveway Extension, Homeowner, Cumming

They were just marvelous. They did half of my driveway, and I would definitely give them an A+. If I need something else done in my driveway, I will definitely call them—no doubt about it.


Driveway Replacement, Homeowner, Cherokee County

They did a beautiful job laying the driveway out. I’ve got the best-looking driveway in our neighborhood right now. I’m really happy, and I don’t say that about a lot of things—A+.


Driveway Replacement, Homeowner, Marietta

I liked that when they said they were going to come, they came. They were prompt, pretty flexible, and very professional. They did a stone pad for a shed for me, and they also did some stepped concrete for me for a pavilion. They built a sidewalk for me, too. They were recommended to me. I’d grade them as an A—they were excellent.


Pad re-pour, Homeowner, Sandy Springs

A2 Carved-N-Stone was very professional, and everyone who comes by loves what they did. They made a beautiful walkway from our driveway to our front door, and the quality is outstanding. I would say they get the top grade. It was terrific

I. U.

Walway, Homeonwer, Cobb County

I liked their personalized service. They poured a new patio for us. It took two or three days. They were very flexible with making sure I knew the different colors that were available, and they came inside and met me when I couldn’t go outside. They were great. It was A-grade.


Patio, Homeowner, Cumming

I liked their personalized service. They poured a new patio for us. It took two or three days. They were very flexible with making sure I knew the different colors that were available, and they came inside and met me when I couldn’t go outside. They were great. It was A-grade.


Patio Replacement, Homeowner, Cobb County

A2 Carved-N-Stone installed a sidewalk and a little section of driveway. We had just moved into the house, and there were some trees, so we pulled the trees out, and they finished off the top part of the driveway and then added the sidewalk to the back deck. It was actually a very small job. They were one of the few companies that would actually come and do the small job­—most of the concrete places all have minimums, but they had a lower minimum than anybody else, and the job we needed was small. We didn’t need anything on a big scope. They did the work that we requested, and they got it done in a timely manner. I’d give them an A.


Small Job, Homeowner, Paulding County

I would highly suggest doing business with A2 Carved-N-Stone because they’re a very stand-up company. They did what they said they were going to do, showed up on time, and cleaned up the mess. They did a fabulous job.


Driveway , Homeowner, Marietta

They redid the garage and the driveway, and it is good. The customer service was good. They were able to come back the one time I called them back about something, and there was no problem. The job was done to my satisfaction. I heard about them from a personal referral.


Slab and Driveway replacement, Homeowner, Sandy Springs

A2 Carved-N-Stone put in a concrete driveway and filled in some holes, and they really did a good job. They did what they said they were going to do. I’d highly recommend them—A+.


Driveway Repair, Homeowner, Cartersville

They did some work for me—he did my driveway. I would say they’re easy to work with. They did the job on time and on budget. They had done a massive pour job for my dad, so I got the referral from that. I’ve heard pretty good things about them. I would give them an A+; I had no issues.


Driveway, Homeowner, Acworth

A2 Carved-N-Stone was very good to work with. Every single person in their crew seemed to know what they were doing. They deserve an A.


Satisfied, Homeowner, Sandy Springs

They were the only ones that would pump the concrete instead of pushing, pulling, and putting a wheelbarrow to it. They were probably the average of the estimates I got. Regarding the quality and everything else that they did, I have no complaints at all. They should get an A.


Quality , Homeowner, Roswell

A2 Carved-N-Stone had to lay down a cement pad for underneath an air conditioning unit. I liked that dealing with them was very easy. The gentleman I dealt with initially was a recommendation from a friend, and he was willing to work with me. The employees that came out and did the work were great guys.


Cement Pad, Homeowner, Forsyth

A2 Carved-N-Stone removed and replaced the driveway and front walkway. Their work was absolutely top-notch. The people themselves were very conscientious and very polite, and they definitely knew what they were doing. I’d give them an A++.


Drive and Walkway Replacement, Homeowner, Marietta

Carved-N-Stone did my driveway, and they did an excellent job. The workers were very friendly and conscientious, and they cleaned up after themselves. They were very nice. I didn’t have any complaints at all. The price was reasonable, and they just did a good job. We decided to hire them because they had done some work at our church. The other contractor who worked on my house was also supposed to include a driveway, but he bailed on me. I thought, ‘Well, let me call these people we’re using at the church.’ I did, and the price was exactly the same as what I was going to pay the other guy. Carved-N-Stone did a great job. I would give them an A.


Church Work, Parishioner, Roswell

They did work for me this year. They did a great job, and they were very professional. They were clean, and they worked quickly. The patio that they built looks great. They removed our existing patio, removed the concrete, and then laid a new patio with stamps and a stain on it. It was twice as large as the previous one. I would recommend them to others, and I would give them an A+.


Patio, Homeowner, Acworth

Carved-N-Stone did a great job on my driveway. They used better building material than most people, so that’s why I chose them. My driveway looks really nice—all the kids in my neighborhood want to ride their bikes on it. The company has great people. They came out when they said they would, and they were done within two days. I’ll give them an A+. They did great.


Driveway, Homeowner Marietta

I was extremely pleased with A2 Carved-N-Stone. They extended my concrete slab, added concrete to the ground underneath my deck, and built a barrier wall for the water runoff. It changed the entire dynamic of my backyard, and it was all professionally done. They’re exceptional, superb. I’d recommend them to anyone.


Slabwork, Homeowner, Sandy Springs

Everything went great for me. A2 Carved-N-Stone came in and did the job as quickly as possible. They did what I asked them to do, and my experience with them was good. I needed to have my gravel driveway paved, so A2 Carved-N-Stone poured a concrete driveway for me. They just did a nice job, and they knew what they were doing. I would give them an A.


Driveway, Homeowner, Canton

Carved-N-Stone did a patio for me a few years ago. I had a patio, but it sunk and kind of pulled away from the house. They fixed it by laying a slab on top and doing some other work. They did a great job. They were prompt, and they came out when they said they would. There was probably half a dozen of them. They worked until they finished, and they cleaned up and did a nice job. I’d give them an A. They were reasonably priced—they weren’t the cheapest, but they weren’t the most expensive, and they did a nice job. We’re pleased with them. If I have more work, I’d probably look them up again.


Patio Fix, Homeowner, Woodstock

They put in a basketball half-court in the backyard, and even though they didn’t have to set the stand in the concrete, they went out of their way and did that for me. It’s still a great job. The workmanship stands out—the concrete’s not cracking or anything. The workers were very nice and respectful. They answered all my questions, and they gave me a full write-up and made suggestions. They explained stuff. Carved-N-Stone was good—I would say that they’re excellent. I’m going to use them again when I get the sidewalk to the house redone. I give them an A+. I can’t wait to use them again.


Basketball Court, Homeowner, Atlanta

Everything went really great for me. They redid a part of the driveway behind the garage that was sinking. They did what they said they were going to do in the time frame they stated and for the price they quoted. The quality of the work was great. They were referred by our landscaper. He does some hardscapes, but when it comes to larger concrete jobs, he usually refers to Carved-N-Stone. As a matter of fact, we’re about to hire them to do another project for us. They were very courteous and professional. They show up when they say they’re going to show up, unlike a lot of contractors. They did what they were going to do, and the price was spot-on—it wasn’t the highest, and it wasn’t the lowest. The work was high quality, and I’d recommend them to all my friends. They get an A.


Driveway and Slabwork, Homeowner, Cobb County