Ready for something unique to set your property apart from your neighbors? A fountain is a great way to make it happen.

The series of pictures below will walk you through what we did recently for one customer seeking this service.

Step One: Identify the location, mark off the area.

Based on the customer’s wishes, we selected the right location for the fountain to be constructed. This takes into account the water feed lines that will need to be run. The city marks off the gas lines (seen below) so we can safely proceed. Our crew marks off the area, and then we come in and dig it out.

Fountain location

Step Two: Roughing it in.

Once the area is prepped, we go right to work. You can see below, this job used a pre-formed basin, and we did custom work around it. The water lines ran beneath a small walkway, so we secured and stabilized the pipes.

concrete fountain

Step Three: Blend and finish.

As a finishing touch, we make sure that the new fountain blends seamlessly into the existing landscape. We want your accent piece to bring out the best aspects of your property, so take great care in making this a focal point, not an eyesore. Note how the finished fountain below, seems to fit like it has always been a part of this yard!

Atlanta custom concrete fountain